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Lodge News!

Nagagami Lodge is going to be at the Huntin’ Time Expo this weekend at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids, MI. Stop by our booth and hook it up!


Nagagami Lodge is gearing up for another fantastic fishing season. We are excited as we have many upcoming changes that will continue to make your fishing get-away the best you’ll ever have! We look forward to seeing you on the dock this season. Hook it up!

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  1. Great meeting all of you today(1-11-14) at the Novi,MI fishing show!!!! From what I seen & heard from you & your family you all are terrific and seem very sincere and sweet!! We can’t wait to see you all again on May 25th – June 1st. I’m pretty sure after talking with my wife & son I think my son maybe coming too. It will all depend on his schooling. I will let you know asap. Looking forward to this trip!!

    Dan Koehn

  2. Great to see your smiling faces on the photo taken at the Huntin Time Expo in Grand Rapids, MI. I’m looking forward to another great trip to Nagagami Lake and Nagagami Lodge in Spring 2014! I never want to go anywhere else!

  3. We have not been able to go to the lodge for 4 years (financial issues). 2016 we return and I will kiss the dock when I get off the plain. This place is heaven on earth. The Pullens put the final touch on the best experience you will ever have fishing in Canada. Jay Seniff

  4. Harry, We had a great time at the lodge, just not long enough, Fishing was great, The wine and cheese was great and it was nice of you to bring out your guitar and sing us a few songs. We were treated like Kings by your staff and I hope to make it back next year. Five star resort ….

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